When to Go in Sardinia

When to Go in Sardinia
Sardinia has a typically Mediterranean climate with four distinct seasons. While you'll want to consider the weather when deciding when to go to Sardinia, you'll also want to consider tourist season. Crowds in peak season may win out over little to do in the low season, after all.

Lasting from December through February is the island's winter. The season is usually cold and wet, with the rain occasionally turning into snow. There are dry periods interspersed throughout the lashing rains, most noticeably during a two week period in January that suddenly becomes warm (about 20 degrees C) and dry. But you're sure to find some sunny days throughout the season. If you head up into the mountains you'll even get to enjoy the snow. Temperatures average around 13 degrees C, sometimes dropping to about 0 degrees C in the mountains.


From March through May is what many consider to be the most beautiful time on the island. The winter rains produce scores of vibrantly colored wildflowers that grow all over Sardinia. The weather is warm and dry, with averages of around 17 degrees C. There are few crowds, but there's a lot more to do than in the winter months. Keep in mind that it's still a bit too cold to swim until around May.


Summertime lasts from June through August and is Sardinia's peak tourist season. It's hot and dry, with temperatures occasionally soaring to 40 degrees C, but more often hovering around 30 degrees C. The sea is warm and the winds make for great surfing. The only downfall along with the crowds is the higher prices, but you'll definitely never run short on things to do. The most famous festival occurs in mid-August, which is also when mainland Italians head to Sardinia, so book well in advance.


Another excellent time to visit Sardinia without the crowds is the autumn season from September through November. The weather cools off a bit, but the sea is at its warmest at the beginning of this season. Rains will start up again, being sporadic at the start and pouring down come November. With the rain comes the lush vegetation that makes the island such a beautiful place. As in other seasons, there's always a spot of sunshine to be found between the rains.
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