The Gulf of Cagliari

The Gulf of Cagliari
The coast of the Gulf of Cagliari is characterized mainly by beaches of really thin sand or, of medium-grained only in certain points.
Do not miss traits of cliff, for example between the tourist port of Su Siccu and Calamosca, or between Margine Rosso and Foxi.

The  Poetto beach is certainly the most renowned, despite of human interventions, (we refer to the disputable infilling made in 2003, and moreover to the barbaric exportation of white sand by construction enterprises, at least until the beginning of the Sixties): unfortunately, nowadays, it is no more possible to admire the characteristic dunes and no even the wooden “casotti” (beach huts).

On the other side, just after the bridge of the Scaffa, the beach of Giorgino is finding again a sense of decency and offers some facilities to the swimmers, but it is not comparable with the last century pearl, when it used to be the meeting point of the Cagliaritans during the long and sultry summers. The change of currencies and the pollution caused by the tankers contributed to the defacement of one of the most beautiful angle of the zone.
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