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Omodeo Lake

Omodeo Lake
Omodeo Lake is the biggest  lake in Sardinia. It was created between 1919 and 1924, by means of a barrage on the river Tirso, in the gorge of Santa Chiara di Ula.
 At the end of the nineties the old dam was replaced with a more modern one, increasing the capacity of the reservoir and causing the - for now - incomplete flooding of the old dam.

At the time of the construction of the first dam, the whole village of Zuri was literally moved a few kilometres away. Stone by stone, house by house, the whole built-up area had to change its location, including the old Romanesque church of San Pietro.

The Omodeo lake, set between Barigadu and Montiferru, is the biggest catch basin in Italy and one of the largest in Europe. Thanks to the heavy rains of the last two years it has regained its old vitality: only during the periods of height dryness, as in summer 2003, it is possible to see some of the archaeological remains and even a petrified forest, which developed 30 millions years ago (currently they are submerged by the potting water).

It gives hospitality to many species of birds. The most part of its surface is in Barigadu, the region where, along the devious route of the Taloro river, you will find the Benzone lake as well, a catch basin set in one of the most beautiful areas of the inner part of Sardinia.
The area around the Omodeo is ideal for every kind of excursion, since it's perfectly located for visiting many archaeological sites.
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