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The extraordinary territory of Arbus stretches 26,716 hectares along the south-western coast of Sardinia, coming down from Capo Frasca to Capo Pecora for a total of 47 km of coastline. Numerous old mining villages are disseminated along the entire Sardinian coast including Buggerru which is definitely one of the most charming. Amongst the little village's dwellings (about 1250 inhabitants), the remains of the old buildings once used for the zinc and lead industry still stand.  As a matter of fact, Buggerru used to be a landmark for the national and international mining industry. Here, the coastline's sea is scary, often hostile, very different and therefore extraordinarily impressive. The ancient and recent history of the near-by village of Arbus is also deeply connected to the sea. Visiting the old mining centres of western Sardinia such as Buggerru, Arbus, Masua, Guspini, Montevecchio and Nebida today is like taking a step back into the past.  Up until few years ago the mining industry was still operating and in some centres it is actually still partially active.  However, everything seems finished and closed down. This is a favourite destination for tourists.
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