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Arbus is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Medio Campidano in the Italian region of Sardinia. Located in the south west coast of the island, Arbus is known for its coastline, the Costa Verde, and for several archeological sites, such as the mines of Montevecchio. With an area of 267 km², Arbus is the second largest municipality in Sardinia. There are many hotels for accomodation to enjoy your stay here.

4 Star

Agriturismo La Quercia

$111 Agriturismo La Quercia

Località Rio Martini, 09031 Arbus

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Agriturismo Rocce Bianche

$65 Agriturismo Rocce Bianche

Bidderdi, 09031 Arbus

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3 Star

Orovacanze Club Costa Verde

$68 Orovacanze Club Costa Verde

Localita Portu Maga 1, Arbus

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Hotel Villa Belfiori Arbus

$59 Hotel Villa Belfiori Arbus

Via Vespucci 51,Torre Dei Corsari, Arbus

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Torre Hotel

$74 Torre Hotel

Via Della Torre, Arbus

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Il Galeone Hotel Arbus

$62 Il Galeone Hotel Arbus

Torre Dei Corsari, Arbus

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