Tourism in Sardinia

Tourism in Sardinia
Not only does the portal offer accommodation in Hotel, Residence, Farm House, Holiday House, Villa and B&B but also a wide range of experiences to integrate your stay with sea and land excursions, dinners, guided visits to historical and archaeological sites in Sardinia.
Your holidays in Sardinia represent a continuous discovery: it is often said that “the island almost seems a continent”. Traveling through its territory, you will be enchanted by the environment which greatly varies from one area to another, especially from the coast to the hinterland.

North to South you will see a variety of cities and villages, each one with its own traditions, its crafts, its enogastronomy, its own architecture and museums: the purest soul of Sardinia lies in these diversities and in its strong identity. Stopping over only to the coasts would be reductive, as the different sea, rivers and lakes will offer you great surprises everywhere in the island. You can find yourself suddenly in front of them, like some beautiful surprises. Archeology and history let themselves be admired by the most curious visitors, as a sign of the many traces left by the man on the coasts as well as in the hinterland.

Thanks to its many natural settings, Sardinia is also the perfect place for many extreme sports such as surfing, climbing, diving, hiking or mountain biking.
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