The flag and the emblem of the Four Moors

The flag and the emblem of the Four Moors
In according with what is preserved in museums and archives, the first time the emblem of the Four Moors appeared on an official document goes back to 1281: lead seals of the Aragonese Chancellery have been appened on texts, under Pietro III.
Rightly, people believe that this emblem has been given to our island only in 1379, after the annexation of the Kingdom of Aragona to Castiglia and of Sardinia to Confederacy of Aragonese Crown (Panniers Armorial). Documents dated back to 1590 show it as the crest of the Kingdom of Sardinia: an oval with a red cross in a white field and the four heads of moors bandaged on the forehead. With the passage of centuries, it has been varied, but in substance, it remains the same.

About the origins it has been discussed and still now they talk over. Some scholars suppose that it was born in 1096, when King Pietro I from Aragona won the fight of Alcoraz against the Saracens (muslim peoples). According to a legend, during the bloody fight a white dressed knight with a red cross on his chest appeared and repulsed the terrified Sarecens: only than they understood that the man was St. Giorgio, who left the cut off heads of the four defeated kings in the battlefield.

In the eighteenth century, the emblem showed the four Moors with a patch over their eyes, and it was this way until when, in force of the regional low 10 of the 15th. April 1999, was established that the Four Moors must be bandaged on the forehead and they must be turned right and not more left.
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