Sardinian language

Sardinian language
Sardinian is a Romance language spoken and written on most of the island of Sardinia (Italy). It is considered the most conservative of the Romance languages in terms of phonology and is noted for its Paleosardinian substratum.
Alongside Italian (Italiano), the official language in whole Italy, Sardinian (Sardu) is the most diffuse language widely spoken on the island. Sardinian is a distinct branch of the Romance language family, and not an Italian dialect. The language has been influenced by Catalan, Spanish and indigenous Nuragic elements with some roots from Phoenician. While it has been significantly supplanted by Italian for official purposes, in 2006 the regional administration has approved the use of Limba Sarda Comuna  in official documents. As a literary language, it is gaining importance, despite heated debate about the lack of standard orthography and controversial proposed solutions to this problem. The two most widely spoken forms of the Sardinian language are Campidanese (Sardu Campidanesu), spoken throughout the southern half of the island, and Logudorese (Sardu Logudoresu), from the northern-central region, extending almost to the suburbs of Sassari.

The Sassarese (Sassaresu) and Gallurese (Gaddhuresu) varieties are often termed Corso-Sardinian dialects. Spoken in the extreme north of Sardinia, they are sometimes considered as independent languages or to be part of Corsican rather than Sardinian.

In Sardinia there are examples of language islands: Algherese (Alguerés) is a variant of Catalan spoken in the city of Alghero; on the islands of San Pietro and Sant'Antioco, located in the extreme south west of Sardinia, the local population speaks a variant of Ligurian called Tabarchino (Tabarchin); fewer and fewer people speak Venetian, Friulian and Istriot in Arborea and Fertilia, having been populated in the 1920s and 1930s by families who mainly came from north-eastern Italy.
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