Arbus Overview

Arbus Overview
Arbus is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Medio Campidano in the Italian region of Sardinia. Located in the south west coast of the island, Arbus is known for its coastline, the Costa Verde, and for several archeological sites, such as the mines of Montevecchio.
With an area of 267 km², Arbus is the second largest municipality in Sardinia.


Arbus has been inhabited by man since the ancient Neolithic. It includes a mountain district which separates Medio Campidano from the sea. There are numerous Tombe dei Giganti (Giant graves) in the district of Capo Pecora, and in other areas of territory. Notable people who were born in Arbus are Pietro Leo (1766-1805) and Raimondo Garau (1767-1824).


Located about 60 km northwest of Cagliari and about 25 km west of Sanluri on the Sardinian southwest coast, Arbus on the 31st of December 2004 had a population of 6,895. The geology of Arbus is known as batolite ercinico Arburese.

Arbus is known for its coastline, known as Costa Verde. For both 2002 and 2003, the wide Arbus coasts were awarded "5 sails" by the Legambiente and Touring Club. Beaches include, from north to south, Capo Frasca, Pistis, Torre dei Corsari, Porto Palma, Babari, Funtanazza, Gutturu Flumini (Marina di Arbus), Portu Maga, Piscinas, Scivu and Capo Pecora.

Piscinas' Desert (Italian: Deserto di Piscinas) is a sandy desert spanning approximately 5 km². Is considered one of the biggest desert systems in Europe.

Main sights

    * Museum of Sardinian Knife[6]
    * Monte Granatico
    * Church of the Beata Vergine d'Itria
    * Church of San Sebastiano
    * Church of Sant'Antonio di Santadi
    * Monte Arcuentu
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